Customer-Centric From the Inside-Out

Posted by vantage_agora on Jun 24, 2019 10:45:09 AM

Customer-Centric from the Inside-Out

How often do you hear the sayings, “the customer is always right” or “the customer comes first”? In truth, companies that adhere to these sayings can turn from good to great. After all, customers are the driving force behind any business and are necessary to generate a strong revenue. Which is why it’s in your best interest to keep them happy and coming back. They’re your most valuable resources and creating a customer-centric business is what will drive you to the top. That being said, what exactly is customer-centric and how can you achieve it? We’re here to let you in on all our top tips and tricks!

Customers are your most valuable resource and creating a customer-centric business is what will drive you to the top.

Customer-centric is a lifestyle that builds a robust, reputable business. When you put your customer first, they remember that experience (even if it’s something as little as sending a follow-up email). By valuing your customer, you’re building a bond which creates customer loyalty. This leads to an increased positive experience with your organization, which can then turn into more leads and referrals. It’s a win-win!

You may be asking yourself, “How do I get to this point?” “How do I get people to really value my product or service?” Well, you’re in luck. We’re going to tell you a little secret… customer-centric doesn’t start with the customer, it starts from within the organization. According to Forrester’s Customer Experience Index 200 (CEI 200), “companies with a customer-centric culture have a higher valuation as compared to their competitors.” After all, to build a strong, lasting foundation, you need a solid core to hold it together. Without a solid inside, everything falls apart… and this is something you definingly don’t want to happen. You want your company to stand tall and proud! Empower your employees to achieve new heights and encourage them to grow, because their growth means overall business growth. At Vantage Agora we use our Gamification system to reward employees with points for their superb performances; encouraging them with a little friendly-competition to go that extra mile.

After you’ve established a solid core, it’s onto the next step. Giving the customer what they need(even before they know they need it). Your customers are your greatest promotors, generating referrals through word-of-mouth, so it’s important to tailor to their desires. Every process should begin and end with the customer in mind. Think about what they could use to enhance their processes, and then market to them in an engaging way. All customer actions should be enjoyable so people are encouraged to interact with your company. One way to do this is to stay engaged past the point of sale and provide that extra added value. Reach out to your customers, let them know you care about them and that their business is important to you. You can do this by sending out follow-up emails, hosting in-person events, and periodically reaching out to the customer to offer assistance. Another great way to show your customers you care and you can do so through hosting in-person events. In fact, we are about to do this ourselves by hosting our fourth annual Conference! Check out our site for more sneaky details if you’re interested to see what’s in store for this “inspiring and innovative” event.

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Whatever service you provide, or product you sell, every business has the same end goal… to keep the customer coming back for more. With everyone having the same end-point, you have to go that extra mile and make your company stand out amongst the pack and you can do so by creating a customer-centric organization from the inside-out.



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