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Posted by EOX Vantage on Jun 12, 2020 3:01:45 PM

Arrowhead Rental Programs Secures Hyundai and Genesis Dealership Rental Program Business with the Support of EOX Vantage Technology Platform

BEACHWOOD, OhioApril 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Arrowhead Rental Programs, in partnership with EOX Vantage, has won the business to deliver support for the rental program of loaner vehicle fleets at more than 1,000 dealerships for Hyundai Motor Group and Genesis Motor, LLC (a luxury vehicle division of Hyundai).

The agreement was finalized in the face of obstacles from the coronavirus pandemic. It was concluded during stay-at-home orders in place for both EOX Vantage and Hyundai headquarters; in-person training had to be replaced with video tutorial guides within a few days.

real time data with actionable dashboards

All EOX Vantage staff members are currently working from home using the company's own remote work tools provided in its flagship product, the Enterprise Operating System. EOX Vantage is also helping other businesses during this difficult transitional time with their digital transformation efforts, which allow them to digitize processes and leverage the resulting data to amplify business efficiencies and enable operational successes.

"We are so pleased to be able to deliver efficiencies for a prestigious global brand," said EOX Vantage CEO Sudhir Achar. "Especially in this chaotic time of the pandemic, entering such a partnership is remarkable. We are really looking forward to working with Hyundai and Genesis for a long time to come."

The contract with Hyundai and Genesis represents the newest success in a market segment at which the companies have proven adept. April 1, 2020 marks the two-year anniversary of their first foray into dealership rental programs. They started with Mercedes-Benz USA, followed by Subaru of America.

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For all these dealerships and retailers, EOX Vantage uses aspects of the Enterprise Operating System, such as actionable dashboards, to deliver transparent and real-time data for their rental programs. The result is much quicker turnaround time and improved management for all elements of the program, including inventory tracking, adding coverage to a new vehicle and printing out individual Insurance ID cards on demand. For instance, obtaining insurance coverage for a loaner car at one time could have taken up to 30 days, and is now accomplished in less than 24 hours. This streamlined and efficient data-driven process replaces the older, ineffective, underused and, for many dealerships, unadopted systems.

EOX Vantage then monitors the programs and reviews user feedback to ensure continuous improvement and satisfaction. In this way, the company has helped grow the Mercedes-Benz rental program by 30% from 88 participating dealerships to 118 as of today. The Subaru Service Loaner Program is provided to all the approximately 630 Subaru Retailers in the U.S., but less than 50% were participating; within the first 90 days of going live with the new EOX Vantage-supported system, participation grew to a full 100%.

Varun Badarinath, product manager at EOX Vantage and its liaison for Arrowhead, noted: "We've had the pleasure of working with Arrowhead Rental Programs for more than two years now. We are proud of our very productive partnership that just keeps getting better. This agreement with Hyundai is going to give us a great head of steam heading through the rest of 2020."

About Arrowhead: Since its founding in 1983, Arrowhead has proudly embraced a spirit of exploration and discovery as a national insurance program administrator and managing general agency. Its mission is using technology to pioneer the most innovative risk solutions to profoundly simplify the insurance experience. Arrowhead's people and technology remain at the forefront of industry innovation, pioneering solutions that simplify the insurance experience, building trust and reducing uncertainty. Arrowhead takes pride in its 30 top-rated carriers, 30+ products, 11,000 agency locations, 800+ employees and more than $1 billion written premium.

About EOX Vantage: As a recognized global leader of operational efficiencies, EOX Vantage delivers premier solutions through our Enterprise Operating System and Managed Services. Clients from the Insurance, Transportation, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Legal industries choose EOX Vantage for the quality and results that our product and services provide. Through the actionable dashboards and data analytics of EOX Vantage's secure, all-in-one platform, businesses gain the visibility they need to make better informed decisions, resulting in increased productivity, reduced time and cost, and enhanced collaboration. EOX Vantage allows clients to focus on what they do best by reducing the time it takes to manage their essential operations and improving effectiveness with data and insights.


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