Precision-Driven Back-Office Support

Posted by EOX Vantage on Jun 12, 2020 12:58:24 PM

In a world driven by technology, it only makes sense to incorporate new processes into all that we do. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the most prevalent technologies, continually evolving and fully-engrained into the daily processes of leading organizations. While many of us rely heavily on technology to perform our daily tasks, we also understand that the same advanced technology comes with its own set of downfalls. Sometimes it's best to have a real set of eyes to examine what's going on to ensure efficiency and increased accuracy.

Precision-Driven Back-Office Support

This case study highlights a process that EOX Vantage has implemented for a successful, data-driven software solutions provider.

Problem Statement:

A growing company looks to provide accurate and beneficial insights to customers in the insurance industry. Dealing heavily with property and building inspections, they work to reduce the risk, cost and waste when it comes to making transactions. Through drone imaging, the company provides end users with valuable information regarding their property; picking up on detections such as - boundary drawing, roof material, swimming pools, damage, wear & tear, roof shape, tree overhang, ponding, staining, debris and rust.

The original AI system the company had in place was detecting the types listed above at a 70% accuracy rate. With a goal of 90% accuracy, the previous rate was simply unacceptable to deliver to end users.

EOX Vantage's Solution:

EOX Vantage's back-office support took on this profile-analysis task, carefully inspecting the drone images of residential and commercial properties and reporting any detections. Once the detections were finalized and accurately conveyed to the company, pricing structures were then developed and properly delivered to end clients.

The drone images were delivered in bulk to the EOX Vantage team and thoroughly analyzed by a trained group of inspectors. All images underwent a rigorous quality checklist before being returned to the company, ensuring process compliance, standardization and error prevention.

Copy of Precision-Driven Back-Office Support


After partnering with EOX Vantage, the company saw an immediate increase in accuracy provided to end clients. Accuracy at spotting detections in drone-captured images skyrocketed from 70% to over 95%.

By demonstrating an impressive, 3-day turnaround time of processing through the initial 50,000 property/building images provided, EOX Vantage transformed what was supposed to be a one-time project into a weekly implementation.

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