Using an Enterprise Operating System to Improve Business Operations

Posted by EOX Vantage on Jun 12, 2020 11:37:54 AM

Time, money and energy are three things of importance to any organization looking to grow and develop. Combining a dynamic Enterprise Operating System with a 24/7 back office client support team can provide optimal accuracy, transforming the way you operate. The following testimonial reveals how EOX Vantage's Enterprise Operating System and Managed Services help Brazos Specialty Risk keep up with the demand.



Why BSRI Needed an Enterprise Operating System

As a company grows, so does the workload. Growth is good and means that your company is thriving. However, growth also has the ability to slow down operations. Brazos Specialty Risk Insurance (BSRI) needed a cost-effective solution, without compromising on quality and turn-around times. This thriving company was seeking alternatives for their back-office operations, and data-driven insights into the overall performance of their company to improve business operations.

Why EOX Vantage Was the Obvious Choice

2017 was the start of what has developed into a strong, lasting relationship. BSRI President and COO, Stephen Su, states:

"We worked with EOX Vantage because referrals from other customer experiences were very positive. We knew EOX Vantage had expertise in this area and proven experience."

By cultivating a strong partnership with EOX Vantage, BSRI has gained measurable benefits. EOX Vantage's back office teams take care of the endorsement, binding and submission processes for the company, leaving them more time to focus their effort on other important areas, like providing clients with the highest degree of service.

The Enterprise Operating System Dashboards Provide Real-Time, Actionable Data

Since partnering with EOX Vantage, BSRI has seen an overall reduction in employee training processes, and increased capacity to process more business.

Stephen Su states, "The Enterprise Operating System's dashboards are very helpful in being able to provide us with metrics to evaluate and maintain our programs and maximize efficiencies in operations. Our relationship with EOX Vantage has been very good thus far. As we have grown, they have been able to accommodate our growth and the scalability of our relationship has grown as well."

EOX Vantage has demonstrated their ability to work well under time crunches, and provide insightful data on the cloud-based Enterprise Operating System, helping BSRI to improve operations.

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