Don’t be Afraid to Challenge the Status Quo!

Posted by vantage_agora on Aug 22, 2019 10:55:00 AM


Are you someone who is mission-driven and isn’t afraid to take risks? Do you thrive off challenges and demonstrate a strong desire to go above and beyond your necessary job requirements? If Monday morning rolls around and you’re the person who rises out of bed excited for what you can accomplish, then you may be on your way to becoming a “trailblazer”! Vantage Agora is here to let you in on what other characteristics makes someone a trailblazer within their own organization.

Let’s start off with the basics. What is a trailblazer? While there are various definitions, the one we are going to be focusing on has to do with the people we like to refer to as “go-getters”. They’re the ones who understand their job and want to perfect it, going above and beyond. So how can you improve your day-to-day job and “Inspire innovation”? If you want to know, we’re here to tell you and if you’re interested in furthering your knowledge, join us at the 2019 Vantage Agora Inspire Innovation Conference this September 22 & 23! Hear from industry leaders and tech experts about what it takes to inspire innovation. But first, let’s start with our own tidbits on what it takes to blaze your own trail…





1. Communication and Networking are Key

Set yourself apart from others within your organization by demonstrating strong communication skills. Make a serious effort to bring new thought-provoking ideas to the table and help others along the way. Remember, the connections you make now will ultimately become a major part of your success down the road. At the Inspire Innovation Conference, Dean Ilijasic & Sue Stabe will walk you through new communication and networking tips in their presentation, How to Innovate Anywhere, Anytime


2. Learn from the Experts So You Can Become One

Take advantage of top-level knowledge in your organization and don’t be afraid to ask questions… no one made it to the top overnight. Spend time talking with people who have a deep understanding of your organization and then take from that and grow! Stay on top of industry trends and set some time aside each day to research emerging topics and relevant information so you can bring new ideas to the table - showing you’re informed and well-read. Your determination will take you far and those top-level executives will be sure to take notice of your knowledge and persistence. If you show you have a deep understanding, your ideas become more trusted and have a much higher chance of being taken into serious consideration; maybe even being implemented.



3. Take Note of your Company Culture

It’s important to “gel” with your company and understand the most effective ways to communicate with your colleagues so your ideas are heard. Learn the culture so you know the right way to address issues and voice your opinion in the right way!


4. Search for Areas You Find Value in and Expand

Being a trailblazer requires that you have a passion for the work you are producing -you can’t create great work if you’re not truly invested in what it is you’re doing. Find an area that you know you can add value to; even if it’s not a part of your current role, you can still blaze your own trail!


Now that we have shared a few of our insider knowledge tips with you, we are confident that you are on track to exceed expectations and blaze your own trail. Remember, your ideas don’t have to be conventional; in fact it’s better if they’re not. Take these tips into consideration, curate your own ideas and don’t be afraid to go against the status quo!

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