The Right Enterprise Operating System Provides Data Visualizations

Posted by vantage_agora on Sep 3, 2019 11:41:00 AM


We’ve all heard it a million times before… “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Usually we relate this phrase to photographs of blissful vacations, beautiful masterpieces or breathtaking sights in nature, but have these thoughts ever come to mind when considering your current business operations? We’re talking about data visualizations; simplistic views that provide real-time updates of business operations. A seemingly simple-looking chart or graph can hold a breadth of data that harnesses the power to uncover new information, inspirations and innovations.

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Before the capabilities of technology to create compelling data visualizations, understanding the status of your business operations was done by painstakingly sifting through spreadsheets from different departments. Nowadays, no one has the time or patience for that; especially C-level executives. In today’s world, technology propels forward rapidly, and with it, the volume and the value of the data we accumulate. No matter what field you’re in, there is a large amount of data and an overwhelming need to understand and interpret it.

Why do we analyze data?

Before discussing the importance of access to compelling visuals, why is data relevant to us in the first place?

Data is the true source of information for your business. It consists of all the important details that make up your organization: employees, products, services… the list goes on and on. Data is the key to better understanding the performance of all the pieces and parts necessary for your organization to grow. If you can’t understand your data… then you can’t understand your needs; which is why data visualizations help bring about a renewed sense of clarity to organizations everywhere.

What are data visualizations and how can they improve your business?

What better way to understand your complex data than with visualization? Visuals have historically helped people comprehend complex information. Ever heard someone say, “draw it out for me”? Visuals tend to tell a story and bring about correlations and trends that would otherwise be lost in endless rows of data. So, how can data visualization improve business operations?

With data visualization tools, you can ditch the scrutinizing spreadsheets. Visuals grant you the power to easily recognize outliers, and identify continuous trends. Backed by this knowledge, an increase in efficiencies and processes is almost always ensured. A simple glance of a visual cue is all it takes to see what areas need improving and which are progressing steadily. Your organization’s strategies can be reviewed faster and easier, which in turn, permits updates and improvements to be managed at an increasingly rapid rate.

Vantage Agora’s enterprise operating system, OX Zion, uses dynamic data visualization to guarantee clients are easily able to monitor the status of their organization through charts, graphs, infographics, heat maps, etc. Our visuals are updated in real-time to provide the most accurate insights into the health of an organization. Keeping your data timely and relevant is just as important as making it digestible.

Data visualizations are industry-agnostic and benefit everyone. Any organization can gain timely and relevant insight into their operations with the use of the right enterprise operating system.

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