How Do You Show Your Clients That You Care?

Posted by vantage_agora on Jun 14, 2018 2:15:12 PM

How do you show clients you care?


Making sure each and every one your clients knows how much you truly care can sometimes be a difficult task, no matter the size of the company. Whether it’s finding the right time, planning how to reach out to them or who should do the reaching out, there is always a struggle of knowing what takes priority and what can be pushed aside. Your clients should ALWAYS be your top priority — after all, without clients, businesses don't exist. They provide you with projects, feedback and the awareness you need to keep your company top-notch. Here are some tips on giving your clients the attention they deserve.



Giving your clients the option to contact you with any concerns or needs is the best way to help form a better relationship between you and your client. This builds trust and understanding, making communication more transparent and leading to new and improved solutions.


"...everyone should be treated with equal respect..."



No matter the position, no matter the pay, no matter the title, everyone — from the receptionist to the CEO — should be treated with equal respect. When connecting with your clients, use good manners and listen carefully to their concerns. This will create rapport, allow them to open up and feel comfortable when speaking with you.



Who doesn't love a surprise or small token of appreciation every now and then? Whether it's for a wedding, birthday, work anniversary or receiving a new position within their company, clients appreciate when you remember what they have shared with you, both personally and professionally. These acts of thoughtfullness show your clients that you pay attention to the details and that you sincerely want to build lasting relationships.



If your client has a favorite charity or cause, show your support. Whether you donate a silent auction item to an event, buy a table for your employees or promote them to your other clients, it can make a difference in their eyes and communicate that you care about your clients’ interests.



There is always room for improvement, but knowing you are doing something right is also great to hear! Remember to talk with your clients, for example, sending out personalized emails regarding a finished project. Ask questions like:

  • Did we accomplish all of your project goals?
  • Were all of your questions answered quickly and accurately during the process?
  • How can we help make the process better for you during our next project together?

PROTIP: Be polite and always thank them for working with you!

At Vantage Agora, we build personalized experiences in OX Zion, our superior Business Operating System, giving clients the best solutions for their business challenges. Developing customized software gives us the opportunity to get to know our clients and continually help them with their growing needs, down to the last detail.



How does YOUR company show they care about their partners and clients?