How Do You Deal With Business Growing Pains?

Posted by vantage_agora on Jul 12, 2018 1:56:37 PM


How to deal with growing business pains?

strategy. (raise-your-game \ ‘reɪz ‘jɔr ‘geɪm)
: to improve the way you do something.
EX: You’re going to have to raise your game and use OX Zion to streamline operations if you want to become a leader in your industry.

As a growing company, Vantage Agora always looks to raise our game. We consistently aim higher by improving what we’ve done in the past and by looking to the future with vision. In fact, here’s a quick snapshot of how we’ve grown:

We opened our first brick-and-mortar office location in greater Cleveland with 3 staff members in 2010.

In 2014, our team won more clients, increased to 4 associates and we moved to a more expansive workspace to keep up with growth.

In just two years, we ramped up our workforce to include 12 people and relocated to an even bigger site.

In 2018, to raise our game, we're making another move - literally - to a larger office, since we've doubled our staff yet again (now at 20+ employees)!

One of the main contributors to our growth is the fact that we actually use the product we sell. OX Zion, our Business Operating System, has developed with us and gives us the opportunity to adapt to the ever-changing technology market.

Every company, including successful ones like us, experiences growing pains. Here’s our expert advice on how to make our company – and yours – stand out as you grow.

Find clients and employees who agree with your personal and business principles. When making the decision to partner with another company or to hire a new employee, prioritize shared values over hard skills or experience listed on a resumé. This can help maintain your company culture internally and clearly define what is significant for you as a business to outside entities. Plus, when colleagues share the same values, they find strength and support that empowers them to do their best work for themselves – and you.

"Find clients and employees who agree with your personal and business principles."

Planning is an essential part of any organization. Keep in mind that, as you grow, the business plan you started out with (whether formal or less structured) is going to change. As the market and your target customers evolve, you should, too, and creating strategies in advance can help to reduce stress when these new developments occur.

Diversify, keep your options open (including partnering, outsourcing, and franchising) and make contingency plans to ensure you can grow and keep up with customer demands without sacrificing quality.

"As the market and your target customers evolve, you should too."

Let’s be honest – failure is an important part of business (and life). When you anticipate and accept that not every result will be successful, you can quickly adapt and learn from disappointments.

Rather than remaining too attached to the outcome you’ve envisioned, wallowing, and becoming angry, evaluate what went awry. Then, take the insight you’ve gained to create a better plan for your next project. Don’t avoid failure – make the most of it when it happens – and don’t be afraid to abandon what isn’t working.


If you remember these tips as your business grows – and use OX Zion as your Business Operating System – raising your game will be a cinch. Contact us to schedule a demo today!