How To Boost Profits Using OX Media Digital Signage

Posted by vantage_agora on Jul 13, 2018 4:46:39 PM

How to boost profits using OX Media digital signage

Today is the big day – the client you’ve been working to earn is finally meeting with you to close the deal – and because of OX Media, you feel confident about wowing them as soon as they walk through the door. The new digital signage component in OX Zion, Vantage Agora’s premier Business Operating System (BOS), allowed you to create a personalized digital display in your reception area that welcomes your client, showing them internal dashboards that visually prove your company is meeting its goals and playing videos of customer testimonials. Because of OX Media, your client is impressed and will be signing on the dotted


OX Media is a new digital signage tool that allows you to create, display, and manage both internal and external information about your business. This element is fully-integrated with OX Zion. With OX Media, you can control the content you digitally display on monitors of all sizes to your customers, prospects, and employees – anytime, anywhere – and all from the cloud.

What’s great about OX Media is that you can display different information at different locations. For example, you can easily create one playlist that shows social media engagement and welcome messages in your lobby, and another separate playlist for your conference room that shows internal communications and actionable dashboards. OX Media is an expansive, user-friendly asset that helps you display your message to the world effectively and efficiently, no matter the sector or industry of your company.


OX Media offers several features that increase your ability to display your company message, including:

Real-World, Real-Time  Real-World, Real-Time – Wouldn’t it be great if you could get tomorrow’s news today? Vantage Agora is currently working on that technology, but until then, we’ll keep you up-to-date with real-time data on color-coded dashboards, graphs and charts available in OX Zion. Our Operational Intelligence lets you see what's happening in your business - literally - increasing visibility and control.

Drag & Drop Setup  Drag & Drop Setup – Our editable display functions are user-friendly – just drag-and-drop videos and images to create, edit and manage multiple display playlists and locations. And, you can link the playlists you create to any number of different devices and screen sizes – all without ever leaving the OX Zion platform.

Quick Content Editing  Quick Content Editing – Create HTML content and push complex HTML pages to your digital signage using OX Zion HTML Content Management. You can even customize what you display based on the type of view (e.g., mobile, tablet, TV, PC monitors, POS screens, etc.).

#HashtagPower  #HashtagPower – Take full advantage of the power of the hashtag to track and display your social media mentions on your digital signage and watch how your customers interact with your brand in real time.

All Data, Every Data  All Data, Every Data – OX Zion's APIs and data extraction tools can pull data from a multitude of systems such as POS, CRM, financial and payroll, etc. and display the details on your digital signage. Zoom in on what's selling and what isn't, then use that information to advertise the products that aren't selling on your digital signage to increase profits and decrease costs. 

Capture the Cloud  Capture The Cloud – Control all your digital signage devices via the cloud and push any company announcements to any digital signage screens – anywhere in the world – all from the OX Zion platform.

The launch of OX Media adds to the depth and power of OX Zion, Vantage Agora’s Business Operating System (BOS). As a Gartner®-recognized Business Operating System, OX Zion optimizes processes and ensures smooth communication between every department of your entire business. Now, you can project your company’s digital message effortlessly using OX Media. Contact us to schedule a demo of OX Zion today!

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