How Do You Improve Communication in the Workplace?

Posted by vantage_agora on May 16, 2018 1:08:06 PM

Improve communication in the workplace?

"True communication goes beyond talking and listening; it is about understanding." - Gerald Campbell


Within any hive (or workplace), everyone has a part to play when it comes to clear and honest communication. Without it, team projects can fall apart and make it challenging to work efficiently and effectively. Companies can even lose valuable clients and employees due to communication issues that create a lack of understanding and trust. So, what should companies do when burdened with conversational troubles? Use the skills below to improve turnaround times, ensure better circulation of information and build long-lasting professional relationships.


Bee Attentive


When working on projects, meeting with coworkers or attending a conference, there will always be disagreements. That is why active listening can be a respectful way to form trust and improve your communication skills. Give the person who has the floor your full-attention, let them speak and attempt to understand their viewpoints. Sometimes, how others feel about a situation is something you never see when only viewing situations from your own perspective. Who knows, listening to your fellow worker bees may lead to a huge batch of honey!

Bee Honest


On the other hand, speaking your mind can be frightening especially when you are in a new work environment. When trust has not yet been achieved, it can be difficult to know how your peers will react. If you BEElieve in yourself and remain honest with your queen bee or team they will begin to understand you and start to see your side of the situation.

Bee Sincere

Gossip can buzz around in every work environment, sometimes it could be subtle chatter or it could turn into a swarm of issues that can truly impact yours and others entire careers. So when you are bothered or concerned with something (or someone) go directly to who you know could alleviate the issues in the situation. Talking “behind their backs” can lead to miscommunication and broken trust between coworkers.


Every company should use these skills to build good communication within their own work environments. Whether you are a drone, a queen bee or if it’s your first day in the hive, using honest communication can lead to a less stressful and productive workplace.

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