Create and Collaborate With OX Office

Posted by vantage_agora on Feb 23, 2018 1:14:23 PM

Create and Collaborate with OX office

Vantage Agora’s Business Operating System (BOS), OX Zion®, has much to offer to improve communication and collaboration within your company, helping you achieve Operational Excellence. OX Zion® has integrated the most frequently-used office software, like calendar, email,  and office suite into one seamless product. OX Zion® now provides you with ALL the tools you need to complete your work and manage your data in one place, on one secure platform.


Manage all your data in one place, on one secure platform!


The newest development in OX Zion® provides all the office tools you love and use every day but enhances them by adding collaboration and workflow features. The tedious task of finding, updating and managing multiple file versions of the same project is no longer an issue. Now with OX Office, one version of each file can be stored, shared and edited by multiple users, making collaboration a breeze! Whether it is a text document, spreadsheet or a presentation file, all projects can be accessed anywhere using the industry-leading BOS.


Multiple Benefits for keeping workflows organized and documents updated:



Benefit 1  Team Collaboration: Multiple users can now simultaneously view and make changes to attachments in real-time. This yields productive meetings, quick edits and less time spent passing a document back and forth between members of any team.


Benefit 2  Logging Updates: Important collaborative information such as knowing who edited the file last, and who still needs to view the file can all be tracked within OX Office. All versions of the file are downloadable and restorable. In addition, changes made can be viewed, accepted or rejected by the owner of the document.


Benefit 3  Cost Saving: External application software costs can quickly add up. Organizations that leverage OX Office can reduce licensing costs by eliminating the need to purchase third-party client software.


Benefit 4  Integrated Workflows: OX Office has integrated workflow management that can significantly improve productivity. You can add workflow elements by configure triggers and notification based on business rules.


OX Zion® has multiple tools that make it easy to simplify and organize all your team’s files, becoming more productive than you ever thought possible! Want to learn more? Contact us today to request a demo!

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