Tread Lightly in the Age of the Digital Footprint

Posted by vantage_agora on May 7, 2019 8:00:11 AM

Tread Lightly in the Age of the Digital Footprint

Who remembers the famous George Orwell novel, “1984”? The “Big Brother” concept illustrated in the story is no longer a work of fiction, but rather an all-too-real existence. Our world is powered by technology and driven by a generation that is wrapped up in their smart devices. These ‘digital profiles’ that link us to the behaviors and activities we exhibit while using devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and voice-activated systems like “Alexa” are also known as our ‘digital footprint’, and each one of us has a unique one. They can contain sensitive information such as location, recent search history, finances and even biometric data like fingerprints and facial features…kind of frightening when you step back and think about it.

Billions of data elements are collected from the searches you perform... Some people find it useful, but not all of us want our data so easily accessible.

Billions of data elements are collected from the searches you perform and the places you go to make inferences and better target marketing ads to you. Ever wonder why that Apple watch you were searching for keeps popping up in your news-feed? We have data tracking to thank for that. Some people find it useful, but not all of us want our data to be so easily accessible.

As a company driven by data, using analytics and AI to provide clients with insightful graphs, charts and real-time updates about their operations, Vantage Agora understands privacy, and expertly navigates the many pitfalls of today’s technology. On our secure Business Operating System, your data is always protected and never shared with outsiders.

Did someone say shared data? That’s right. Your data can easily be shared and transferred if you’re not careful. Did you know that “7 in 10 smartphone apps share data with third party tracking companies” (The Haystack Project) and most of the time, it is done without the user even knowing…which can be pretty scary.

Don’t panic. There are several precautions you can take to enhance the protection and security of your data. We’re here to share a few ways to ensure you’re covered, even outside our platform, and help you steer clear of unwanted tracking! First off -let’s get social- we’re talking about social media. The most basic thing you always want to do when using social sites is check your privacy settings. Make sure your settings are private and that you’re only sharing information with those you follow.

Another way to boost your online safety is to use anti-tracking tools, and make sure you’re always clearing your history and cookies. You can even try going ‘incognito”! Using the incognito setting in your browser means that none of your website visits are saved in your history, and none of your searches will be stored. To be truly invisible on the web, pair your incognito browser with a VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPN servers cannot be located, and they keep your surfing anonymous. If you’re using both incognito mode and a reputable VPN, you will be increasingly difficult to track, even for the most experienced online detectives.

As we move further and further into the digital era, we are coming eerily close to the “Big Brother” concept. But don’t start building your log cabin deep in the mountains just yet. We’ve shared some effective ways to keep your online persona disguised and, as technology evolves, you can be sure that Vantage Agora will always protect you and help hide your digital footprint!



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