Keeping You Informed: A Message From EOX Vantage

Posted by EOX Vantage on Mar 27, 2020 8:15:00 AM

We hope things are going as well as they can for you during these difficult times. EOX Vantage wants to offer an update on where we stand operationally and with our ability to provide client services at our facilities in India and the U.S.:

All EOX Vantage staff in both countries are now working from home. Thanks to advance preparation, lots of hard work and dedication to unified teamwork, operations have continued very smoothly. We would like all our clients to know that everything we do for you continues on as before, with process continuity and data security as top priorities.


The country has just entered a three-week national lockdown. Citizens have been instructed to not even set foot outside their homes. With little advance warning, the EOX Vantage team mobilized to procure equipment and supply all staff members with laptops, datacards/hotspots for connectivity as well as appropriate cybersecurity measures within a 48-hour window to serve our clients and protect their data. Company drivers made extraordinary efforts to bring deliveries to staff members living up to 100 miles away, some of whom were in the process of changing living quarters!

EOX Vantage was preparing for this national emergency a few days in advance and was able to seamlessly transition all our staff members to their respective residences. We are happy to report that so far there has not been any health issues.

We’d like to send a special thank-you to the following individuals: Harsha Chaturvedi, Vijay, Ashok Kumar, Manohar Ullas, Sachin BV, Jaggi Shetty, Anoop Sam, Naveen Kumar, SriVatsa B.S, and our transportation leaders: Kumar and Venkatesh.


The entire staff of the Cleveland office is working remotely to comply with the ‘stay at home’ order issued by the state of Ohio’s governor on March 22, to be in effect until at least April 6. Once again, the normal flow of business has been maintained seamlessly. Thanks to everyone for holding down the fort, staying together virtually and joining together to get the job done!

Safety and health are of course at the top of all our minds right now. We hope that knowing we are committed to your business will bring some peace of mind to our clients. Please know that we have taken the utmost measures to serve and work for you. Beyond that, we pray for a swift resolution to this crisis and for the continued wellbeing of our staff and clients, their families and everyone.


Sudhir Achar | CEO and co-founder of EOX Vantage

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