Rely on Managed Services to Cover Back-office Tasks for Transportation

Posted by EOX Vantage on Feb 25, 2021 2:15:00 PM

It is critical to effectively manage back-office functions: the many essential, nitty-gritty everyday tasks that are necessary for any organization to function properly. For the ultra-competitive transportation industry, it can mean the difference between profit and loss, success or failure.

From data entry to quality checks to back-end workarounds that complete online information requests and such, they are in many ways the engine that drives a transportation business forward. If we're being honest, they're often not enjoyable to do and are often regarded as a slog to get through. Yet without them business can't get done, customers would be unhappy, sales would stop and the enterprise's overall outlook would appear poor.

So, making back-office activities an efficient, humming system should become a goal for any company focused on success. EOX Vantage offers two ways to address back-office tasks that increase revenues, reduce expenses and makes them more efficient.

outsourced professional services

One is machine automation, and the other is our Managed Services team for outsourced professional services. Here we'll be focusing on our Managed Services. Like computer automation, our Managed Services team helps complete processes faster and more precisely, reduce costs and perform more efficiently. It's ideal for those who would prefer a more human element to getting things done. 

Go from Paper to Digital for Trucking Success

EOX Vantage actually began as a provider of back-office outsourcing solutions, and we've been perfecting our approach ever since. Our Managed Services team takes care of your back-office duties using our Enterprise Operating System (EOX) so your team members can focus on more customer-intensive matters, developing sales and cultivating prospects, etc.

The team is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 (cybersecurity-trained) certified and employ Six-Sigma methodology to get great results. Highly accurate and timely, they regularly exceed KPIs and overachieve on set goals. Situated internationally across multiple time zones, they provide a 24/7 workforce to fill your needs and get the job done around the clock.

Not to mention, with the surge of remote work often accompanied by a high volume of backlogged workloads (e.g. unbilled invoices) brought on by the pandemic, our team is adept at learning and performing SOPs remotely. They can help your organization be more nimble, more agile, and able to pivot on a dime. 

Take a look at this case study to see how they helped improve the shipment accounting processes for a moving & storage van line and get invoices out faster. To bottom-line it, the results were:

  1. Number of invoices issued daily - increased by about 25%
  2. Daily average billings - increased by nearly $1.5 million
  3. Average cost to issue an invoice - reduced by $4 per invoice

What exactly can the Managed Services team do for you? Typical back-office tasks for transportation include:

  • Freight Document Management - Operating in transportation means you are dealing with heaps of paperwork in the normal course of operations. Our digital platform digitizes physical paper files and improves your e-documents' shareability, visibility, storage capability and ease of control, use and manipulation. 
  • Invoicing - Again, refer to the moving & storage van line case study for notes about using our Managed Services for the invoicing process.
Download the Case Study
  • Overnight Dispatch - Don't keep your building open for a skeleton staff, turn to our team for nighttime dispatching duties. We are especially well positioned for this area with our 24/7 capacity to work outside standard U.S. business hours.
  • Onboarding/Compliance - We will help you perform background checks and monitor insurance status, licensing, training, etc.
  • Order Entry - The basic business function of data entry is very prone to human error. Companies commonly experience error rates of anywhere from 1% - 20% or more, and entry errors only lead to more problems down the line. Our team's commitment to extreme accuracy as well as their data management and quality assurance competencies ensure your transactions are done correctly, securely and on time.
  • Audit/Freight Audits
  • Freight Payment

Please contact EOX Vantage today to discuss how our Managed Services team can help you take care of your back-office responsibilities more efficiently. 

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