Revolutionizing Efficiency: The Remarkable Transformation of a Scuba Insurance Broker with EOX Vantage

Posted by EOX Vantage on Aug 28, 2023 9:51:14 AM

In the fiercely competitive insurance industry, speed is the ultimate game-changer. The ability to swiftly develop and implement programs, complete tasks at lightning speed and respond promptly to customer needs is what sets the winners apart from the rest. And that's exactly where the story of Vicencia & Buckley, a division of Hub International Insurance Services, Inc., takes an extraordinary turn. Their partnership with EOX Vantage propelled them to achieve a mind-boggling 99% reduction in processing time and an astounding 90% decrease in operating costs. But how did they accomplish this remarkable transformation? Let's dive into the details. 

Client Spotlight: Vicencia & Buckley, Division of HUB International

Vicencia & Buckley, a division of HUB International, serves as a crucial link between a specialty insurer and their clients – specifically, scuba diving instructors affiliated with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). Unfortunately, their existing insurance processing method was hindering their ability to deliver prompt and efficient services.

The Legacy Process: An Inefficient Hurdle

The traditional process was plagued with inefficiencies. Applicants completed online forms that were then painstakingly transcribed into the system by Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). This often resulted in gaps in information, leading to additional back-and-forth communications with applicants. CSRs had to manually cross-reference databases to verify certifications, adding to the time-consuming nature of the process. Payment processing was complex, requiring multiple interactions with customers. The outdated system had its fair share of reliability issues, making remote work nearly impossible. As a result, customers experienced long waiting times, abandoned sales, and growing frustration.

EOX Vantage's Solution: A Single Unified Platform

EOX Vantage embarked on a mission to revolutionize the inefficient workflow that plagued Vicencia & Buckley. Their innovative solution came in the form of an online self-service portal specifically designed for scuba insurance procurement, perfectly aligned with Hub International's digital strategy. This seamlessly integrated platform transformed data collection, eliminated redundancy and automated processes, resulting in lightning-fast turnaround times.

Essential Elements of the Solution:

  • Insured Portal: Empowering users with a self-service platform for easy endorsements and renewals.
  • Agent Portal: Streamlining policy management and PADI certification verification for efficient operations.
  • Dynamic Forms: Simplifying the process of submitting applications while eliminating redundancies.
  • Rating Engine: Accelerating underwriting by swiftly computing risk factors.
  • Payment Gateway: Ensuring secure and compliance-friendly payment processing.
  • Document Viewer: Seamlessly reviewing attachments and certifications without any hassle.
  • Underwriter Workbench: Centralizing control and enhancing efficiency in underwriting processes.
  • Management Dashboards: Providing real-time insights for informed decision-making.

These key components of the solution build the foundation for revolutionizing efficiency and transforming the scuba insurance brokerage workflow.

The Extraordinary Results:

  • Manual data entry saw a staggering reduction of 70%.
  • Turnaround time experienced an impressive improvement of 80%.
  • Policy preparation time was reduced from hours to mere minutes, resulting in annual savings of $163k.
  • Processing time underwent an astonishing decrease of 99%.
  • Operating costs witnessed an impressive plummet of 90%.

The Potential of Partnering with EOX Vantage:

By revolutionizing and consolidating processes, EOX Vantage seamlessly integrated with external partners, such as PADI and Converge Pay, to redefine Vicencia & Buckley's operational efficiency. These remarkable results are a testament to the transformative power of digital innovation and hyper-automation in reshaping the business landscape.

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