Say ‘Hello’ to Accomplished and ‘Goodbye’ to Sluggish

Posted by vantage_agora on Feb 13, 2019 3:45:59 PM

Say 'Hello' to Accomplished & 'Goodbye' to Sluggish

Monday morning rolls around again. You drag yourself out of bed, drown yourself in a cup…or three of coffee just to give you that jolt of energy you need to get through the workday. Sleepy-eyed, you reach for your keys, get in your car and start your morning commute to work.

When you make it into the office, you’re immediately bombarded by requests and assignments you need to complete. This isn’t just a bad case of the Mondays. This is an everyday occurrence for many people. You ask yourself how is there enough time in the day to complete all of this? How can I get that proper work/life balance that seems almost too good to be true?

Does this sound like you?... If so, chances are you don’t have a proper work/life balance. Most of us don’t know how to find that perfect equilibrium between work and “me time”, but the answer is simple…productivity!

At EOX Vantage, we’re all about creating solutions to enhance productivity so you can leave work feeling accomplished rather than deflated.

Here’s our top tips and tricks for how to increase productivity and maintain balance in your hectic life:

  1. Prioritize
    When you first come into work, you may feel an overwhelming sense of urgency to try and complete everything on your plate all at once. Take a step back and breathe… you need to prioritize your tasks, putting the most important ones first. Create a to-do list to help manage the sequence of events you want to complete. EOX Vantage's Enterprise Operating System allows users to create tasks for themselves or delegate them to others. With our intuitive system, you can prioritize your tasks by creating checkpoints and setting next action dates to ensure you hit all your targets.
  2. Collaborate, Complete, Repeat
    Trying to complete an assignment by yourself can seem like a daunting task and people tend to work better when they can collaborate and bounce ideas off one another. Increase your productivity by allowing others to help you with your tasks. The Enterprise Operating System makes collaboration simple with built-in chat, announcement and mail features. You never even need to leave your desk to collaborate; you can do it all from the luxury of your own workspace if you so desire!
  3. Put Your Phone Away
    Technology is bliss… but it also proves to be a major distraction. Scrolling through social media accounts, checking your text messages and reading the daily news can all take away from the work that must be done. Set a designated time for yourself when you’re allowed to check your phone for 5-10 minutes…perhaps this can be during lunch. But besides this little break, turn your phone off or store it away, because if it’s not near you, you won’t be tempted to reach for it and ruin your groove!
  4. Get a Little Exercise
    Get those endorphins flowing! Sitting at a desk all day can completely drain you…no wonder we’re all downing coffee like it’s water! Getting up and moving can help boost your energy, enhancing your productivity. Take a midday walk during lunch or maybe hit the gym in the morning before work to get your day started and your mind energized. Any way possible, try and get a little movement in…it’s also known to significantly decrease stress levels!
  5. Learn to Say No!
    You don’t always have to be a “Yes Man”. Sometimes it’s okay as well as important to say no. You can’t be the superhero in every situation. Prioritize your workload like we discussed earlier and then say no to little tasks that stray you from your main urgencies.
  6. Acknowledge Progress and Accomplishments
    It’s important to set goals and then reward yourself for those achievements…no matter how small they are. Having something to work towards gives employees motivation which in turn increases productivity. On EOX Vantage's platform, there is a built-in gamification system that functions like an employee incentives program. It rewards employees with points, which gives them the drive to thrive.
  7. Have a Neat Workspace
    When your life is full of clutter, your brain is usually full of clutter as well. That is why keeping a neat and tidy workspace will ensure that your mind is clear and focused too!
  8. Get Those Z’s!
    Getting sufficient shuteye every night is a luxury many of us can’t afford. We stay up late trying to cram in work, when in reality, it would be much more beneficial to shut our brains off and start fresh in the morning. Getting an adequate amount of sleep can help boost energy and productivity so you don’t have to feel drained and sluggish the next day at work. A restful night calls for a triumphant day!

Take a step back and breathe... you need to prioritize your tasks, putting the most important ones first.

So, next time you’re thinking about how you’re possibly going to accomplish all your tasks, take a second, step back and remember these 8 helpful tricks. Incorporating these into your daily routine will surely help to boost your energy and productivity, giving you that ideal work-life balance you’ve always imagined!

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