Successfully Leverage Technology With a Business Operating System and RPA

Posted by vantage_agora on Apr 9, 2018 4:29:55 PM


Successfully leverage technology with a business operating system and RPA

Vantage Agora (VA), a leading technology solutions provider, has been using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) long before it became a popular tech term. In the past, VA developed process automation scripts using testing tools such as IBM® Rational® Robot and Selenium. Even though at that time they were not considered "process" automation tools, the fundamentals have remained the same. They can mimic human keystrokes and perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on documents, which is not much different than what the current RPA tools can execute.

Vantage Agora uses RPA to complete activities such as moving data from one website to another, reading files such as emails, PDFs and spreadsheets, and inputting data into applications, databases, documents and websites.


With over ten years of experience, Vantage Agora has improved upon Robotic Process Automation applications. By integrating an industry-leading PDF extractor and an RPA tool with their dynamic Business Operating System (BOS), OX Zion®, Vantage Agora provides the best solution for your business to gain the Visibility, Control and Operational Intelligence needed to maximize Operational Efficiency.


"Process automation works best with other productivity techniques." - PwC


According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, “Process automation works best with other productivity techniques. At PWC, we estimate that an integrated approach of process automation with process optimization and operating model changes delivers up to twice as many benefits as process automation alone. For example, standardizing an organisation’s timesheet management process allowed work to be automated with about 50% fewer new robots. Also, people are rarely 100% eliminated from a process so approaches for team-based Operational Excellence can add value as well.”


Advantages of Combining RPA & OX Zion


Advantage 1  All document data is processed, extracted and stored securely on the OX Zion® platform, accessible from any device.


Advantage 2  OX Zion® is integrated with industry-leading visualization tools. Since all data goes through OX Zion®, there are no additional steps needed to import/export data to and from other systems, providing analytics and visualization.


Advantage 3  OX Zion® has built-in workflow management, form engine and alert mechanism. While extracting data, if it reaches a specified threshold, a task is automatically created in OX Zion® and an alert message is sent.


Advantage 4  All data is centrally-processed through OX Zion® and sent to the RPA tool in a common format. This helps reduce script development time and provides a common input format; no more trial and error or using different input formats for different scripts.


Advantage 5  OX Zion® has built-in integration with industry-leading application APIs to send data directly from OX Zion® to those applications without any user interface scripts. This ensures better data integrity and consistency.


With our experience combined with the powerful OX Zion® platform, Vantage Agora’s RPA solution typically saves clients 50% to 70% or more on time and resources to perform a task. Let Vantage Agora help you leverage this technology for faster turnaround time, reduced manual processes, easy maintenance and improved ROI. Contact us today to learn more!


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