What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Posted by EOX Vantage on Jun 4, 2023 10:15:00 AM

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a bit different from the Internet itself. In simple terms, it's a way for devices, apps or data to "talk" to each other through the Internet. Most likely, you are wearing a watch or have a phone that "talks" to other devices regularly. 

It consists of a device that is connected to the Internet and can communicate and share data. Objects that can use IoT data include smart home devices, smartphones, smart watches, smart home appliances and cars. All of these have sensors, processors and network connectivity which allows them to collect and share data. 

Here are a few examples of how IoT can be applied in everyday life:

  • Smart lighting: IoT-enabled light bulbs can be controlled remotely using a smartphone or voice commands which can turn lights on or off, adjust brightness, change light temperature or create automated schedules. Smart lighting can be paired with video to help the everyday person monitor the safety of their home and mail deliveries. 
  • Health monitoring: Wearable fitness trackers or smartwatches collect information on heart rate, count steps and track sleep patterns. Then the data can be analyzed to provide insights into health and fitness. Health monitoring systems can also be connected with healthcare providers to notify them immediately if an emergency were to arise.
  • Connected cars: GPS navigation, real-time traffic updates, remote unlocking or even self-driving capabilities can all be IoT technology-enabled features. Technology-enabled features can also include an option to call a nearby 911 dispatch unit. 

IoT is a network of interconnected objects that communicate and share data through the Internet. IoT aims to make our lives more convenient, efficient and connected by enabling objects to collect and exchange information. 

Why Companies Should Leverage IoT

Companies can benefit by leveraging IoT with data collection, workflows, triggers and automation to streamline processes for a quick turnaround time to process paperwork, gain visibility to true inventory levels and sales and increase efficiency, which helps lower employee hours and increase production rates.

At EOX Vantage, we help clients identify their needs and assess their current processes. After being assessed, we can take processes that typically take hours or days to be completed in minutes. To do so, we leverage the company's IoT (whether they know it or not) to create a network of processes for information to be seamlessly exchanged and tasks to be completed. 

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