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It’s that time of the year again…fall leaves, hot apple cider, pumpkins, hayrides, and Halloween fun. The spooky times and creepy crawly creatures that come out around Halloween are usually seen in haunted houses, but we’re here to talk about the skeleton in the (office) closet…We’re talking about the dreaded ‘legacy system’. Don’t worry if that word just gave you a fright. EOX Vantage has the top tips and tricks on why you should ghost your legacy system this Halloween!

Why It's Time to Ghost Your Legacy System

Defined by Gartner as “an information system that may be based on outdated technologies, but is still critical to day-to-day operations”, a legacy system may seem like an important part of your organization, but really they’re outdated, slow down processes and don’t leave room for innovation. Many organizations have legacy systems in place that have been collecting cobwebs for years. And legacy systems, unlike wine, don’t get better with age.

As technology progresses with new and inspiring innovations, so should businesses. Your legacy system simply cannot keep up with the evolving technologies in the market; it’s time to ditch it. In fact, efforts to keep a legacy system performing to par can be quite costly. These systems require major maintenance and support, causing an organization to fork out money that could be spent on other business ventures. There are also integration and compliance challenges, as well as security measures to face when dealing with an outdated system. Not to mention an outdated system may decrease your organization’s profitability due to lack of modern solutions that customers desire.

Hours spent writing custom code, infastructure maintenance and cyber security threats are just a few of the things that haunt you when thinking of how a legacy system can function properly.

Hours spent writing custom code, infrastructure maintenance and cyber security threats are just a few of the things that haunt you when thinking of how a legacy system can function properly. Did you know legacy systems are defined as one of the top threats to cyber security? You wouldn’t intentionally leave your business vulnerable to hacking, would you?

So, if legacy systems are posing so many challenges, what is the solution? How do you keep up with innovations that are constantly evolving and make your customers happy? The answer is not in the graveyard, but in the cloud. Cloud-based solutions don’t require as much infrastructure and are much easier to maintain. Most people are familiar with the cloud; think about your iPhone…it uses the cloud to store your data. If your business does the same, updates and processes become seamless. At EOX Vantage, we have our own cloud-based solution, the Enterprise Operating System. It’s used to amplify business efficiencies for companies and provide data-driven insights to propel operations. There’s no need for legacy systems when using the Enterprise Operating System. Everything you need (spreadsheets, document management system, CRM, PPM, email and chat) is built directly on our system.

You’re sure to see positive returns in both your operations and your customer satisfaction, so out with the legacy and in with the cloud! By dispensing your legacy system, you’ll unlock a world of new opportunities from big data, to increased performance and reliability… the world is yours when you’re in the cloud.

Don’t fall into the sneaky trap of becoming too comfortable with your legacy system. It’s time to get into the Halloween spirit and ghost it. You’ll thank us later when your integrations are seamless, customers are pleased and ROIs are high!

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