Make Remote Work Easier - Get TeamedUp 2020 at No Cost

Posted by EOX Vantage on Apr 2, 2020 12:21:35 PM

Millions of us are now working from home, with probably more to come. Many companies have been caught unprepared, without the infrastructure needed to make remote work happen smoothly and efficiently. EOX Vantage wants to do its part to keep employees working and companies in business.

Get Our TeamedUp 2020 Collaboration & Communication Tools Free!

To enable easier operations, EOX Vantage is announcing a special limited-time offer of its TeamedUp 2020 suite of collaboration and communication tools, presented by EOX Vantage. They empower organizations and their staffs to work more efficiently and enable operational successes. These are the same essential tools of our Enterprise Operating System - Chat, Integrated Mail, Announcements and CRM - that our staff members themselves use to stay productive and connected!

For help through these months of remote work time, those who sign up to use this suite of essential apps will receive waiving of all regular fees*, through 12/31/20. Please contact a sales rep to take advantage of this offer.

The Enterprise Operating System's TeamedUp 2020 collaboration and communication tools provide a robust solution with full functionality of the Chat, Integrated Mail, Announcements and CRM features - especially for startups, smaller companies or any organization without a current all-in-one platform for these functions.

The TeamedUp 2020 tools, presented by EOX Vantage, provide a robust solution.


Unify your whole team with informal and fun chatting options. Incorporate one-on-one chat, group messaging (including private and public channels), file sharing and custom emojis, as well as webhooks, slash commands and multi-language support. Integration with Zoom, the leading videoconferencing platform, means you can send an invite or start a meeting from within Chat with just one click.

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Integrated Mail

This sleekly designed, web-based email client makes it easy to manage your inbox and boost overall operations. With direct access from within the Enterprise Operating System, you never need to leave the platform to access your mail server. Add multiple accounts to your primary mail to get real-time updates.

Convert misused emails into visible, trackable action items, allowing you to cut through excessive clutter, saving you time and reducing hassle. Mail is taken one step further with automation creating instant CRM updates from contact correspondence. Integrated Mail gives you the power to manage and track what's important, while staying on top of your goals!

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Share the latest and greatest news for your business to be seen company-wide over your intranet. Create eye-catching images and headlines to boost morale, knowledge and recognition. Post multiple announcements if your organization has a lot going on!


Companies, especially rapidly growing ones, need better options to store and leverage customer information. With the Enterprise Operating System's CRM interface, input a prospect's contact info, add multiple contacts, log meetings, and jot down notes to keep track of leads simply and efficiently.

Reaching out is a breeze! Personalize engagement among thousands of clients. All email correspondence with contacts is automatically stored in the system. CRM generates a holistic, 360-degree view of all your clients by connecting various customer data together in one spot - allowing you to easily determine which marketing pieces to send to which prospects, and then judge campaign effectiveness.

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For further assistance in navigating the pandemic business environment, please see our recommendations for work from home guidelines and business continuity reviews to mitigate service provider disruptions. And be sure to subscribe to our blogs for regular updates.

*No hosting fees or user fees for up to 100 users of the Enterprise Operating System's TeamedUp 2020 collaboration and communication tools, through 12/31/20.

More than 100 users will incur a $250 monthly hosting fee, which is half-off the standard monthly hosting fee.

More than 500 users will incur user fees. Please ask for details on a product customization for your organization.

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