How Companies Will be Outsourcing by 2024

Posted by EOX Vantage on Jul 17, 2023 9:22:00 AM

Working smarter, not harder is going to be a primary success factor in the future. As technology continues to evolve, business processes will continue to increase speed in turnaround time and the companies that can not keep up will inevitably be left behind. 

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25 Common Business Software Acronyms

Posted by EOX Vantage on Jul 7, 2023 9:12:00 AM

Acronyms pop up all over in business and can really get confusing when talking about different ideas and concepts quickly with someone when there are so many. 

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Tread Lightly: The Age of Digital Footprint

Posted by EOX Vantage on Jul 3, 2023 8:00:00 AM

With Siri and Alexa to talk to, deepfake videos, ChatGPT, social media algorithms and ads that show up after you only said it earlier in the day, technology has made one thing clear-- it's here to stay and it's going to get to know you, whether you know it or not. 

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How to Use an Enterprise Operating System to Solve Business Challenges

Posted by EOX Vantage on Jul 1, 2023 11:15:00 AM

Interviewed by Jayne Gest

All too often, business owners and executives find their companies bogged down by the essential, noncore operational needs - things like communication, developing dashboards, creating reports, document management, project management, and regulatory and compliance management.

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Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency

Posted by EOX Vantage on Jun 28, 2023 10:20:00 AM

In the past couple of years, blockchain has gained popularity due to its usage in the cryptocurrency world such as Bitcoin. But blockchain extends far beyond the crypto world. 

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Topics: Digital Transformation

How Important is UI/UX?

Posted by EOX Vantage on Jun 21, 2023 10:17:00 AM

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are two different, but crucial elements for digital products and services to have. 

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Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality

Posted by EOX Vantage on Jun 12, 2023 11:36:00 AM

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) are technologies created and used to alter our perception of the real world by integrating digital content. But what kind of reality do they create? How are they similar - or different? 

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What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Posted by EOX Vantage on Jun 4, 2023 10:15:00 AM

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a bit different from the Internet itself. In simple terms, it's a way for devices, apps or data to "talk" to each other through the Internet. Most likely, you are wearing a watch or have a phone that "talks" to other devices regularly. 

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Top 10 Types of AI

Posted by EOX Vantage on Jun 1, 2023 11:26:00 AM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere and seems to be rapidly growing before we can even fully comprehend the full scope and power of the tools that AI makes possible. There are several different types of AI that have emerged, and these are the top 10 you are most likely to run into. 

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Warning: Job Applicants are at Risk of Spam

Posted by EOX Vantage on May 10, 2023 9:07:08 AM

It's common for employees to go through training to prevent them from clicking on or accidentally downloading spam, but what is not as common is for job applicants to go through that same training and to be expecting their dream job employer to be a scammer posing as the hiring company.  

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